Song of the Self: The Keys to Love

Song of the Self: The Keys to Love


Song of the Self: The Keys to Love is a tarot and self-help book using story, analysis, activations, and affirmations in support of self-growth.


As presented in the Song of the Self: The Keys to Love, the ego’s journey of Self Realization is threefold: healing the Shadow, expressing the Beauty, Passion, and Wisdom of the Soul, and accessing and expanding our divine qualities, such as compassion and forgiveness.

The Song of the Self Tarot deck designed by the author, expresses the path for Self-Becoming, through the mythical journey of Prince Ego, uniting with Sister Shadow, Sister Soul, and Brother Spirit. Each tarot card has a story, and a song illustrating the archetype. The images are explained spiritually and psychologically, referencing myth, literature, and film. The In a Reading section for each card, describes their meanings and questions to ask to help the querent relate to the archetype for deeper understanding.

The twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana are the Keys to Love he travels through to complete the process. The reader is provided with Activations for Soul Growth, Creativity and Dreamwork, along with Affirmations, References and Recommended Reading to assist your journey of the Self. Also included are autobiographic examples of how the author relates to the keys. The Ten Universal Symbols of Manifestation is the author’s condensed version of the minor arcana, showing the evolution of energy into the manifestation of the Self in wholeness.


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