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Audiobook Publishing Services

Accepting Audiobook Publication Submissions in September 2023!

Empowered Whole Being Press has audiobook distribution access to more than 50 major retailers, streaming services, library channels and niche startups—supporting the sale your audio books everywhere globally!

 Audiobook Publishing Options


Full-Service Publication

As an Empowered Whole Being Press published author, engaging Full-Service is quite simple!  Since EWBP already has the eBook version of your title and book cover image, all that is required to schedule your title for audiobook publication is to pay for the Audiobook Publication Package. EWBP does the rest…narration, production and distribution set up!  Click HERE to learn more!


Publication Using Author Provided Narration Audio Files

If you wish to narrate and create your title’s individual MP3 audio files, click HERE for your next steps.