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editing-manuscriptEditing/Proofing Services

A great book is truly written during the editing process! 

We heartfully encourage you to  review your manuscript several times, as well as ask a few of your peers to review it before submission.  Doing this will greatly reduce your investment in the professional editing of the manuscript.

A La Carte editing/proofing services are available at $55.00 per hour.  We will provide editing/proofing services quote outlining your manuscript’s editing and/or proofing needs, be it light, medium, or heavy.  Please note that medium to heavy editing is usually paced at about five to seven pages per hour.

While these prices generally apply to grammar, mechanics, usage, etc errors, notes on the overall structure can be made if believed helpful to the general message and saleability of the book.  Structure editing will be discussed during the advance publication project planning and is influenced by the author’s vision for their book.

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