Empowered Whole Being Press


Empowered Whole Being Press is proud to partner with major national and international distributors, such as Ingram, that sell to the independent bookstores, online stores,  the big chains, the little chains, ebook retailers, local niche retailers, libraries, schools, universities, and just about anyone, anywhere in the world who sells inspirational consciousness-raising books in any format.

Your book can even be available on a global scale, if you so choose.

Please note that market access for book and eBook distribution requires an annual fee of $20.00 per title, the first year of which is included in our Basic Publishing Package.  This will insure that your book is listed in the digital catalog used by the entire print and eBook industry.

We also partner with the new age specialty distributor, New Leaf Distribution, to directly place your book in the independent new age/new thought/metaphysical bookstore channel. 

Because we are an approved New Leaf Distributing vendor, Empowered Whole Being Press can easily arrange for your title to be included in this revered distributor’s system for a nominal $55.00 fee.  The fee covers preparation and submission of all required set-up paperwork and materials.

Additionally, New Leaf Distributing requires annual minimum title marketing support of $100.00 via their various advertising vehicles.  Also of import to note, New Leaf Distributing only accepts titles on consignment basis, and has the following payment policy: Payment is made for books sold sixty days after the end of the month in which they are sold. However, if the total due is less than $30.00, New Leaf Distributing will accumulate the amount due until it is greater than or equal to $30.00, and then submit payment to Empowered Whole Being Press.  Empowered Whole Being Press will then issue payment to the author.

Empowered Whole Being Press offers cost-effective cooperative advertising options that will easily fulfill the New Leaf Distributing title support requirements at a lessor cost.  More information can be found under the Marketing tab in the Advertising section.

Please let your Project Consultant know if you are interested in submitted your book to New Leaf Distribution for inclusion in their system.