Empowered Whole Being Press

Author Earnings Calculator

The author sets the retail price of the print book. To determine what your earnings per print book will be, please follow the below instructions.

First begin by determining the Wholesale Cost of your print book. Do this by subtracting the Reseller’s Profit Margin (55%) from the suggested retail price. Next, subtract the print cost from the Wholesale Cost to calculate the amount of earnings you’ll receive for each book sold through the distribution channel.
(Please Note: Author’s personal book purchases do not qualify for earnings payments.)

Suggested Retail Price


Subtract the amount of the Reseller's Profit Margin (55%) from the Suggested Retail Price.

- $________________

This gives you your book's Wholesale Price.

= $________________

Now subtract your book's Basic Printing Cost

- $________________

The remainder is your earnings per book sold through the distribution channels.

= $________________

Please contact your Project Consultant if you have any questions about the earnings calculation process.