Empowered Whole Being Press

Meet the Authors

Maria Angela Russo author of The Growing Soul: My Transformation Journey From Adversity to the Divine Within.

Filled with insight, the award-winning The Growing Soul is a must read for those seeking to transform trauma into triumph!

Meet Michael Orwig, author of “The Quantum Children” series. Both of his award-winning volumes are a must read for parents of children with an expanded awareness of Consciousness!

Empowered Whole Being Press visionary author, Francesca Thoman, offers self-empowerment for all ages through her written works…from children’s books to several award-winning volumes of new information from Nikola Tesla, as channeled through Francesca!

Personal growth and planetary transformation are inextricably linked, two sides of the same coin. The way we treat others and the way we treat our planet; are reflections of the way we treat ourselves. One of the big questions is, how do we translate ideas and talk into practical action that connects rather than divides? How can we be authentically devoted to our own values and yet listen empathically amid discomfort? Sobering, playful, inspiring, Radical Authenticity contains a series of short essays, filled with insights that illustrate how compassion and authenticity used in everyday life promote both personal growth and social transformation.

Lemurian Connections offers a collection of short stories from four years of Lemurian Fellowship blogging come these glimpses of Lemurian history, personal experiences, and compassionate encouragement for any of us in our struggles with life’s problems. In the wisdom of the highly advanced individual Robert Stelle and the discoveries of Lemurian Fellowship students you will find much to stir your imagination and spark your interest in the great Plan of the Lemurian Mystery School now unfolding through its channel, the Lemurian Fellowship.