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chart-sales-up-300x299Marketing Services

Publishing your book is only half of the success equation.  Whether you only wish to sell your book locally or if your vision encompasses international availability, having a marketing plan is essential.

Empowered Whole Being Press understands the importance of capturing the awareness of enlightenment seekers through publicity and advertising.

We offer access to nearly four hundred, and growing, new age/metaphysical retail book/gift stores by way of multiple avenues, as well as social media marketing programs to directly reach the readers searching for your voice.  With the assistance of your project consultant, you decide which ones are in alignment with your vision and budget.


As you can well imagine, there are several options available to advertise in different ad vehicles.  There are opportunities to advertise in the distributor newsletters, or in bookstore customer handouts.  Advertising fees begin at $35.00 and go up from there.  Empowered Whole Being Press even offers ad creation, if you may require it.  Please ask your project consultant to discuss the ad options that best support your success vision.  Click this link to read more about your advertising options.

Bookstore Outreach

Empowered Whole Being Press greatly values its retail bookstore partners.  Working together, we are an integral component of the wave of enlightened transformation.  Let us include your inspirational written works into the flow of expanded consciousness that is the New Age/Metaphysical Industry.

We offer several options for connecting with the wonderful people who own these independent bookstores, such as postcard mailings, newsletter feature, ads in store handouts, book signing and coordination.  Click this link to view more information.

Book Review Services

Engaging book review services is yet another effective avenue for reaching your readers.  Empowered Whole Being Press has partnered with book reviewing service providers making it easier for you to elevate your title’s visibility.   Click this link to view more information.

Printed Materials Design

Custom designed postcards, posters. and other printed sales support materials options are available to help sell your book.  Your project consultant would be happy to provide you with a quote determined by your marketing plan and needs.  Click this link to learn more.

Public Relations

Sometimes press releases to key publications, such as new age/metaphysical magazines, are an excellent method to reach your audience, or perhaps you would be interested in guesting on a radio show?  Empowered Whole Being Press would be happy to assist you in reaching your audience. Click this link to learn more.

Social Media Marketing Programs

Ready to expand the visibility of your title(s)?  Want to increase your platform of interested readers?  Empowered Whole Being Press recognizes that it can be challenging for an author to navigate through the sometimes confusing marketing opportunities and to also devote the time necessary to achieve the desired results.  

We have a solution!   Our Social Media Marketing Programs can cost-effectively help you reach a larger audience for your voice through various social media avenues, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Hangout on Air, and Pinterest.  Additional effective marketing options available utilize Goodreads and Amazon Author programs…and best of all, the combination of both social media and author program options!  Click this link to launch your social media marketing campaign!