Higher Self Connection: A Path to Self-Realization

Higher Self Connection: A Path to Self-Realization


Higher Self Connection: A Path to Self-Realization supports the deconstructing and detachment from the falsehoods of the ego, and the suffering that comes with it. It provides a path for alignment with the higher self, bringing within reach the experience of inner peace, unconditional joy, and happiness.


Stephanie Zumwalt helps you develop the self-awareness and radical responsibility for your own emotions and question and reprogram the inner workings of your mind in her debut work, the Higher Self Connection: A Path to Self-Realization

Deconstruct and detach from the programmed ego through evaluating limiting beliefs, observing thoughts, healing core wounds and triggers while using the world in front of you as your mirror.  As you begin to explore the internal dialogue, you will soon realize that the Higher Self Connection is just as present as the ego narrative.  When you live from the guidance of your ego, you are motivated to fill the void you feel with external accolades and possessions.  With the Higher Self guidance, you have access to everything you desire internally and in this book Stephanie explains in simple terms how to shift to this version of you through a process of self-awareness and using emotions as a guide.

This process was developed by Stephanie and her own connection to her higher self and helps the reader discover their authentic self by contemplating why they do what they do.  In a world full of distraction our attention span is only getting smaller and our need for instant gratification greater, this book brings the reader’s focus back to the one who is experiencing life – You.  Finding peace and balance in a world that is at times traumatic, chaotic and turbulent is not only possible, but necessary for the expansion of humanity as a whole.  In this book, Stephanie helps you to be the change you want to see, by helping you come into balance internally and watching how the external world shifts.

The connection to the Higher Self has helped Stephanie see the beauty of this life after suffering through traumatic relationships, financial struggle and living with depression, anxiety and fear and teaches the path to discover the reality amidst the fiction bringing you to embody unconditional love without fear.


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