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Full-Service Audiobook Publication

As an Empowered Whole Being Press published author, engaging Full-Service is quite simple!  Since EWBP already has the eBook version of your title and book cover image, all that is required to schedule your title for audiobook publication is to pay for the Audiobook Publication Package. EWBP does the rest…narration, production and distribution set up!

The audiobook publication cost is determined by how many words are in your print book full interior Word Docx file. To estimate the audio book publication cost for your title use the following formula.

To estimate the narrative cost for the Full-Service Audiobook Publishing Package simply divide the number of words in your Word Docx manuscript by 9300 (The average number of words narrated in one hour.)  Multiply that number by $175.00 PFH for the approximate narration cost. 

Add $400.00 (production, ISBN, distribution set up, etc.) to the estimated narration cost for the approximate Audiobook Publication Package fee to publish an audiobook version of your title.

Your quote will provide a breakout of your title’s Audiobook Publication Package.

  • Please note that if your audiobook production includes sound effects there will be an increase in production fees.
Click to hear a narration audio sample.  Male voice – Gary Fox
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