Empowered Whole Being Press

eBook Conversion Services

Authors’ eBooks are listed in:

  • Amazon Kindle Store
  • Barnes & Noble NOOKBook store
  • Apple iBookstore
  • Kobo Store

The MOBI format, which is specifically for Kindle, and the related ePub format, which is for all other readers, are meant to be displayed on a wide variety of devices with low computational power.  To accomplish that and to have your eBook conversion qualify to be included in the Basic Publishing Package, the content has to be as uncomplicated as possible and meets the below criteria:

  • is free of footnotes or endnotes
  • is free of fonts in other languages
  • is free of columns or tables of data
  • is free of  borders around text or text in boxes
  • is free of abrupt changes of font size within a paragraph
  • is in only ONE font
  • has only one graphic
  • has only two or less bullet lists
  • is free of superscript or subscript characters

All submitted eBook conversion manuscripts must be in Word Doc/Docx.

It is important to note that most ebook retailers have specific maximum list prices for ebooks that have a print counterpart and some have other pricing requirements as well, which can be confusing. Nearly all of them prohibit authors and publishers from pricing their ebook less than the set price.  This policy includes if you were to for a short term place your book on sale on your own web site.  There are penalties for doing so, which could lead to termination of not only a book from a particular store, but an entire publisher account from that ebook retailer. Due to this eBook retailer policy, Empowered Whole Being Press includes a clause in our contract addressing eBook retailer account loss prevention.  Another requirement most eBook retailers have is that a ebook’s price must end with .99.  The minimum list price is $2.99.

Additionally it is important for you to know that the ebook industry is quickly evolving, new eBook retailers and distributors appearing frequently, each with their own contracts, commission percentages, and pricing requirements.   Some eBook retailers charge a handling fee for each sale on top of their commission and/or they pay a different commission based on the geographic location of the sale, for example United Kingdom versus the United States. One store actually pays less for higher priced books and more for lower priced books, which is the opposite of the others.  In addition, each one can change their contract at any time.  It is because of this that Empowered Whole Being Press pays author flat rate royalties on the NET amount received from eBook sales from the eBook retailers, not off of the list price.

Flat author royalties rate for eBook sales generated through eBook retailers:

65% of the net amount Empowered Whole Being Press is paid for each ebook priced $10 or higher.

55% of the net amount Empowered Whole Being Press is paid for each ebook priced under $10.

No worries…we will guide you every step of the way!